Idea Age is Here

I believe that we are in the beginning of an Idea Age. Here are a collection of blog posts that tell you about it and how you can prepare yourself for it.


Exponential Threats

Exponential Threats

We are facing exponentially growing threats that will grow very quickly and challenge our present way of life. The threats are real and massive that they will force a change on our present way of life.


Exponential Technology

Exponential Technology

Our exponentially growing technologies can help us combating the exponentially growing threats. But only to some extent. But the rest of the risk must be bridged by human ingenuity.


Origin of Ideas

Origin of Ideas

Ideas derive their power from exchanging them, exchanging ideas is more important than IQ, smaller populations can’t generate enough specialization.


Age of Creativity

Age Of Creativity

We are in an age of creativity because new knowledge and tools are available everyday, we are in a massively networked world, we are all going through an attitude shift and permitting ourselves to become creative and the current state of global economy fosters individual creativity.


Dragons of Idea Age

Dragaons of Idea Age

Winner takes all, First mover has a huge advantage, software is eating the world and network externality is cementing all these trends.


Idea age is Here: How can you get yourself ready?

Idea Age

Get out of paucity mentality, never stop educating yourself, Network like never before and take care your physical and mental health.