28 May

Pareto Principle, Take-2

Few years ago, I did a back-of-the-envelop calculation using Pareto Principle to make a list of countries that have at least a million people with a PPP annual income of a million dollars. The exercise gave me 48 countries. Then I ran a rough cross-check and it seemed to check out. Then I wrote down my findings in this post.

That was towards the end of last decade. I am using it now to globally roll out my company, Amura Health.

Today, I used the same methodology to quickly calculate how many trillionaires will be there in the world by end of the current decade, or 2030. Here is what I ended with:

By 2030 the world will have

  • 500,000 people with a net worth of $1m
  • 100,000 people with a net worth of $100m
  • 35,000 people wit a net worth of $1b
  • 5,000 people with a net worth of $5b
  • 1,000 people with a net worth of $25b
  • 150 people with a net worth of $100b
  • 25 people with a net worth of $0.5t
  • 5 people with a net worth of $1t
  • 1 person with a net worth of $10t

Let us see how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Pareto Principle, Take-2

    • I got the numbers for the global GDP from Ark Invest. They propose that new technologies that are just coming to the mainstream add some $230t GDP to the world, from the current $14t (I am speaking from my memory; so, some numbers may be off). How big is this number? Without taking Ark Invest projection into consideration, the global GDP by 2030 is estimated to be just around $130t. So, I am certain that the 2030 trillionaire list is going to have some surprise entries.

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