12 Apr

How will SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) change our future?

A friend of mine posed a question in a private WhatsApp group:

Predict one big game changer impact in the next ten years, courtesy corona

There were many interesting answers (e.g. China will disintegrate over the next 10 years). To help me clear my thoughts, I wrote this blog post. This is what, I think, COVID will do to our 2030:

By 2030, we would have traded our freedom and privacy for hyper-connected, hyper-wealthy, hyper-healthy and hyper-hedonistic lives.

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06 Apr

Startup Investing 101

I am a startup entrepreneur. Before starting my fund raising, I spent hours pouring over information available for entrepreneurs raising funds. When I realized that I was still lacking understanding of how investors think, I started going though content written for the wannabe early stage startup investor.

I have distilling my discovery in this living document that is being updated continuously, as I get new insights.

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