19 Oct

Faith: Everything starts here


Humor me for a minute.  I promise you, this is not a cheap re-take of the Matrix movie: How do you know that I exist?  How do you know that this blog post you are reading now is not just a figment of your imagination?  How do you know that you are not a schizophrenic, living in your happy imaginary world?

You can’t question where someone puts their faith in.  Faith is beyond logic.  The only time you can successfully question someone’s faith is when their system of faith has an internal conflict.  No internal-conflict, no questions possible.

That’s why an argument about existence of God can never be resolved.  Can you ever resolve an argument if an apple is red or sweet?  Each person has placed their faith in a different reality and the twain will never meet.

There are believers who have placed their faith on existence of God.  And there are non-believers who have placed their faith in non-existence of God.  Few people like me have decided to fence-sit till such time more evidence comes along to sway us one way or another.  Or, who knows, may be we are waiting for some thunderbolt to strike our temporal lobe and show the God in all His shining glory.

We are digressing.  The point of this post is this: You can’t question someone’s faith.  The best you can do is to question the internal inconsistencies in their system of faith.

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