About Saravanan Balakrishnan



I have a formal education in Engineering, but my interests are all over.  I use this blog to consolidate the ideas that I have come to retain over time.  I see these ideas as the jigsaw pieces that make up my Cosmos. The process of discovering each of these pieces, figuring out where they go, and seeing the emerging picture is very fascinating.

My Dying squirrels include:

  • How I work
    • My brain
      • Neuroscience
      • NLP & Hypnosis (certified in both)
    • My body
      • Medicine
      • Longevity Medicine
      • Biohacking
    • Impact of future technology on me
      • Transhumanism
      • (Technological) Singularity
  • How Collectives work
  • Making money
  • Fundamental Science